About SDB architects

Soumen Das Architect

SDB Architects is the visionary child of Ar. Soumen Das Bairagi, an alumnus of Jadavpur University and a registered architect in the Council of Architecture India, as well as an Associate in the Indian Institution of Architects. He embarked on his career in 1997, working with Agarwal & Agarwal (Ar. J.P. Agarwal). He breathed life into his vision, setting up his firm ‘SDB architects’ in 2008.

Under his mentorship and guidance, SDB architects has been directed by a panoramic understanding of architecture and its role in human civilization. Architecture is one of the enduring evidence of human civilization and stands as a witness to different stages of world history. We believe architectures speak. It speaks to humans in manifold ways. And, in our projects, we make sure that it speaks directly to you.

Though it all began as the need for shelter from natural disasters and calamities of different kinds, the idea of architecture has always carried a touch of humanity. For humans, a habitable structure means more than a necessity: it becomes an art. Myriad edifices like caves, dolmen, ziggurats, pyramids, and igloos bear a strong testimony to the human factor and, of course, how architecture is much more than a necessity and much closer to fine arts.

Today, trends in architecture display an urge for cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, and sustainable solutions. In our practice, we tailor our architectural solutions in respect of requirements, market demands, budgets, time, and quality. However, in delivering a project, we never waver from our legacy of treating our work as fine arts and creating yet another testimony in the history of human architecture.

Thus, time is our workbench; space is our tools, and people are our inspirations. All our efforts are directed at making an artsy knot of these three and breathing life into your architectonic dream.

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